Charles Hawkins Co. provides a full range of real estate services to our clients, including the brokerage of land, office, retail, industrial, and investment properties.

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Through a step-by-step process that takes into account the whole picture, we strive to give each client a smooth and successful transaction on the best economic terms, both now and over the long term. Our exclusive tenant representation services ensure that our clients get the best value possible with the best fit possible.


Planning and Situation Analysis
2-4 Weeks


  • Define real estate requirements and selection criteria
  • Select other professionals, if needed
  • Define potential alternatives
  • Review current market conditions
  • Plan disposition of existing space
  • Establish action plan for Phase II and the preliminary project time


Market Evaluation and Selection of Alternatives
2-4 Weeks


  • Prepare a comprehensive list of alternatives
  • Apply selection criteria and select alternatives
  • Tour alternatives
  • Review and Refine


Evaluation of Selected Alternatives
4-6 Weeks


  • Submit a comprehensive request for proposal
  • Prepare the comparative lease analysis
  • Rank alternatives and select finalists
  • Obtain approval to proceed


Negotiation and Execution
4-8 Weeks


  • Define negotiating strategy
  • Submit counter offers
  • Negotiate with at least two alternatives
  • Finalize space plan and construction plan
  • Finalize lease agreement and exhibits


8-12 Weeks


  • Begin construction
  • Monitor construction
  • Prepare for relocation
  • Complete construction
  • Develop the punch list


Post Project Follow Up and Evaluation
4-6 Weeks


  • Move-In
  • Open facility
  • Complete the punch list
  • Establish lease commencement date and future action dates
  • Monitor lease terms throughout the lease

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