Development & Acquisition

Since our inception, Charles Hawkins Co. has been a trusted source for development and build-to-suit services.

With an extensive track record of successful speculative and build-to-suit projects, and a deep knowledge of the Middle Tennessee real estate market, our experienced professionals are well-positioned to help our clients and investors identify, construct and deliver first-class buildings.

Case Study: The Boot Factory

In 2013, Charles Hawkins Co. launched the speculative redevelopment of The Boot Factory, which was a creative office space formerly used as a warehouse and manufacturing space. The property was acquired in 1986 from The General Shoe Company, now Genesco.

Boot Factory

This $10,000,000 speculative project required substantial structural modifications, new infrastructure and utility improvements, a new roof, an outdoor courtyard with exposed structural elements, and energy efficient windows and skylights.

Seven tenants now call The Boot Factory home, and it has proven to be a financial success for all of our partners and clients. What’s more, it has added substantial momentum to the revitalization of the Wedgewood Houston and Berry Hill neighborhoods. Once we began our redevelopment, three separate neighbors initiated revitalization projects for similarly underused assets. The Boot Factory both embodies and inspires the growth of our city.

Boot factory building old
Entrance of renovated Boot Factory
Renovated interior of Boot Factory
Outside of renovated Boot Factory

Development Portfolio

Brick Church Business Park

700,000 SF

Acquired land and developed this 20-building industrial park

3815 Logistics Way

579,000 SF

Class A cross-dock distribution center, speculative development

Harding Industrial Business Park

635,000 SF

Acquired land and developed,
11 Buildings

Walton Business Park

220,687 SF

Acquired land and developed 3 speculative buildings

493 Craighead St.

207,750 SF

Build-to-suit leaseback;
O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, formerly
Midstate Automotive

520 Brick Church Park

100,800 SF

Build-to-suit leaseback: Hollister Medical

1400 For Negley Blvd.

99,000 Spec


3801 Logistics Way

70,000 SF

Built-to-suit for Tire Centers, Inc. / Michelin

3020 Brick Church Pike

27,820 SF

Build-to-suit leaseback:
Lommis, USA

7201 Cockrill Bend

600,000 SF, 40 Acres

Cockrill Springs Park Redevelopment

4000 Center Point Dr.

516,000 SF

Investment acquisition for third-party client

MetCom Business Center

Acquired 40 Acres and repositioned 3 buildings (350,000 SF) and
new speculative development (126,762 SF)

90 Oceanside Dr.

126,755 SF

The Boot Factory; warehouse redevelopment for creative office space

Skyhawk Business Park

451,521 SF

Build-to-suit for US Postal Service

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